100% APC Prawn Traceability

“monitoring the process from our farms to the plate!”

The American Prawn Cooperative has the advantage of knowing where each of its prawn has derived from, with traceability back to the hatcheries and farms currently operating ‘local’ in North Carolina, USA.

The APC is dedicated to monitoring the process from the farm to the plate where our premium prawn are enjoyed.

APC Prawn entering the food distribution channels are able to be traced back to the location where it was raised through unique coding which is contained on all APC product packaging.

This level of traceability helps to provide the consumer with the confidence that they are enjoying a safe and quality product which only APC Prawn can guarantee and processors are proud to be associated with.

APC Prawn are harvested from a controlled and monitored closed system. Our methods, documentation, oversight, and controls guarantee, at any time, reliable and documented traceability of our cooperatives prawn.

End-to-end Traceability.

The APC captures detailed history of all inputs and facts from each harvest.

APC documentation supplied to clients and certifying entities.

Look for the American Prawn Cooperative symbol for quality.