APC Prawn can be boiled, steamed, grilled, sautéed, baked, fried, and can be cooked with or without the shell and APC Prawn are always nutritious and naturally deveined in our exclusive process! Send us your favorite APC Prawn recipes. Be sure to ‘Like Us’ on Facebook for the latest recipes and APC Prawn preparation ideas.

How to identify APC Prawns

At the Retailer

Seafood rules in the USA require retailers to show the country of origin of seafood. So it’s not too hard to separate the imported from the USA/North Carolina when you are at your local prawn retailer or supermarket.

Still it doesn’t hurt to ask the person behind the counter where the prawns come from. They should be able to say “These APC Prawn are local from North Carolina If you’re getting an answer like this, it’s great news. We’d love you to buy the APC Prawn product over others, especially if it means you are avoiding the imported product. Be sure to ‘Like Us’ on Facebook for our updated retailer listings.

Note that Vannemai Prawns are not from the USA. They are imported mostly from Thailand or Vietnam with very different process practices.

In Restaurants

Whether at home or on holidays, we all love to be able to sample the delights of local foods and produce. Obviously a great local seafood restaurant is a great place to start. It doesn't have to be the most expensive one either. The menu is the first clue - does it say “local”? Do they identify the species or APC Cooperative? If not, it’s always good to ask what type of prawns are in the dish when ordering. At the moment there is a push to introduce the same “country of origin” labeling requirements for restaurants as well as retailers. We are all for that. Be sure to ‘Like Us’ on Facebook for the latest restaurants offering APC Prawn.

How to peel an APC Prawn

Preparation is part of the enjoyment of a great meal, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend any longer than you need right? Here’s how to peel an APC prawn quickly and easily. Tip: For better presentation, leave tails intact.

The Quick Way

  • 1. Twist off the head;
  • 2. Grab legs between thumb and index finger, squeeze and pull away shell from around the body.
  • 3. Repeat until tail section is left
  • 4. Squeeze tail, prawn will pop out.
  • 5. Enjoy! Our APC Prawn are naturally deveined prior to your purchase.

One Traditional Way

This is an age old method handed down from prawn folks over the years. In fact this method has been traced back centuries…

Before peeling, grab 3 bowls, a sharp knife, a cutting board and a chair. Fill one bowl with water and a little lemon juice to keep your fingers clean. Pour yourself a cold beer, wine (or a coke if you're also operating heavy machinery). Keep one bowl for the heads and shells and another for the prawn meat. (Placing the bowl on ice helps).

Super Simple 3-Step Process:

  • 1. Remove the head by twisting it off the body. Take a sip from your drink.
  • 2. Remove the legs from the underside of the body, starting from where the head was. As you peel them upwards, they will take with them the shell that goes around the top of the prawn. Repeat this section by section working your way towards the tail until there is only one section left.
  • 3. Hold the tail and pinch your fingers on the last section of shell, and the rest of the prawn should pop out.
  • 4. Take another sip from your drink
  • 5. Enjoy! Our APC Prawn are naturally deveined prior to your purchase.