Meet the Co-Op

American Prawn Cooperative

The American Prawn Cooperative is producing a tasty, healthy, clean, east coast local, and environmentally friendly crop of freshwater Prawn for retailers and chefs concerned about quality, sustainability, and product tracking. Fish Partners and Monterrey Bay Aquarium recognize our efforts with the 'Best Choice Award.'

Over the past nine years, our successful new APC Cooperative has made an impact on the aquaculture world. A cousin to marine shrimp, the Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) is exceptionally well suited for production in this region. Following research-based best management practices from North Carolina State University (NCSU), Mississippi State University and other leading institutions, North Carolina prawn farmers have demonstrated, year after year, their competency in matching or exceeding production yields compared to their counterparts elsewhere in the United States and overseas.

Please see our product specification sheet and Prawn brochure for your review and we look forward to discussing your needs via email or phone. If you are ready to order, please download the customer application, complete the form, and contact us for your first order.

Generally, our farms located in eastern North Carolina will raise prawn sizes of 8 to 10 count per pound, head-on with one harvest per year.

100% Chemical Free with no animal or fish byproducts in our feed.

Raised Sustainably

Seine-Free Harvest for Prawn integrity.

Chill Stunning for unique texture.

Best Choice Award from

Accepted BMP’s in association with Universities and NC Dept of Agriculture.

Monterrey Bay Aquarium Certified

In general, the APC sets the leading quality standards worldwide for Prawn. Especially in the health/chemical usage/escape measures/environmentally friendly, and the APC is following all necessary laws and regulations for our farms.

We do have a report from the Canadian Customs Office which state that no chemical/contaminants were found in our IQF product during shipping. We do an annual chloride test on the water at each farm.

All of our farms have North Carolina Wildlife permits, Wetland permits, and soil samples are taken from each farm by the local Soil Conservation Office prior to being allowed to produce freshwater prawn. In conjunction with a long warm-season, abundant clean water, and clay-based land resources, the eastern Coastal Plain is an ideal location for pond aquaculture. This is the heart of North Carolina’s aquaculture industry.

We do not use any disinfectants on the farm for the Prawn or the ponds.

The American Prawn Cooperative does adhere to the preservation of animals and fowl in the area that are on the ‘almost/extinct list.

Eastern North Carolina has been home to the state’s diverse and successful commercial warm-water aquaculture (fish farming) industry for over 25 years. Industry growth during this period has been pragmatic, with increases in production averaging almost 10% annually. Statewide, the entire industry comprises 20 species and contributes nearly $55,000,000 in revenue, processed product and feed value.